Must the Team Agent rebuild the app in XCode for in-house distribution?

Answers like this one describe how to export the private key for the distribution certificate, but due to in-house rules, this is not allowable, therefore we want to pass our application to the Team Agent for signing.

Looking at the official iOS documentation it says:

After you finish development and testing and are ready to deploy your app, you sign your app using your distribution certificate and package it with a provisioning profile.

This is explained here, but the option to create an App Store and Ad Hoc certificate is greyed out as there are already two certificates in existence, as discussed here.

It seems that the only option is to give the whole project to the Team Agent and ask them to build it, but it feels as if there should be a way to generate an unsigned app, then send the executable alone to the Team Agent for signing. Can anyone help me out please?

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