Correcty syntax for CLI/CQL SH with DataStax on Windows – possible discrepancy?

I am using DataStax Cassandra Community Edition on Windows 8. I am following the documentation at –

In Windows, there are two command line utilities 1. CLI and 2. CQL Shell. The syntax for both of them differ e.g. you can see from the help menu that, to create a keyspace, CLI => create keyspace, while on CQL Shell => CREATE_KEYSPACE

However, as per the documentation, the following line works well in CQL Shell while giving exception in the CLI utility.

create keyspace hr with replication={'class':'SimpleStrategy', 'replication_factor':1};

Is this a discrepancy? “create keyspace” style statement should work in CLI as given in its helps menu, but it works in CQL Shell where the syntax in the help menu is CREATE_KEYSPACE.

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