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Open Access Publishing with Apress

The growing demand for open source content and open access publishing options in the tech community has led Apress to offer authors and publishing partners the option to publish open access books. In the open access publishing model, authors will benefit from all Apress’ editorial and marketing expertise as well as our editing and author services, while their book gets the widest possible dissemination by being made freely available to everyone with internet access.

 Why Publish an Open Access Book with Apress?

  • Freely available online:
    Open Access books from Apress are freely and immediately available online on blogosfera.co.uk (for the tech/ IT audience) as well as at the SpringerLink platform (serving academic and institutional communities) upon publication. They are clearly labeled as 'open access'. They are accessible to anyone worldwide, which ensures distribution to the widest possible audience.
  • High visibility:
    In addition to being freely available on blogosfera.co.uk and on SpringerLink, all Open Access books from Apress are listed in the Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB), Scopus and PMC, increasing visibility and discoverability for your book.
  • Authors retain copyright:
    Open Access books from Apress are published under one of the Creative Commons Attribution licenses, so they can be redistributed as long as the original author is attributed, leading to the widest possible exposure. Which one of the Creative Commons licenses is used is decided in consultation with the author and, if applicable, the publishing partner/company that the author works for. For more information about the Creative Commons licenses, see creativecommons.org.
  • Available in different formats:
    The Open Access Apress eBook will be freely available online and accessible to anyone with an internet connection at any time. In addition to this free electronic version, a print edition is offered for those readers who still wish to buy a printed book.
  • High quality standards:
    Open Access books from Apress are subject to the same solid technical review, editing, production, and publishing processes followed by traditional Apress books.

  • Branding

    It frequently happens that a company or organization covers the open access fee for a book that contains content that was developed by one of their teams or employees. Companies do this to pro-actively make the information in the book available as widely as possible, for free.

    Apress will then work with that organization to discuss if they want to be visibly recognized in the book, or on the cover of the book, and if yes: in what way.

  • How Does it Work?

    A book proposal is sent to Apress, and the proposal goes through the same screening process as our non-open access proposals do. When the book is accepted, our in-house development editors and the rest of our editorial team will work with the author to help him or her create the best book possible.

    Upon publication, a one-time open access fee is paid by the author or by an entity on behalf of the author. The book is then made digitally available for free.