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Explore titles that are among the best available relevant and practical guides out there for today’s ASP.NET and Windows developers, for IT professionals working with a broad suite of Microsoft products from the Microsoft Azure cloud to Microsoft 365 and SharePoint, and for business users of Excel, Windows, and more.

Work with powerful out-of-the-box business solutions, build apps for desktop, web, and mobile devices, manage thousands of concurrent users in the cloud, or automate any part of it with Windows PowerShell.

Our Key Topics

  • .NET 
  • Microsoft Power Platform
  • C# and programming languages
  • Azure
  • Microsoft 365 & SharePoint
  • SQL Server
  • Security
  • Visual Studio

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    Joan Murray

    Senior Editor
    Microsoft developer/architect, Power Platform, AI/DL/ML in Microsoft

    Tel.: +1 207 522-2874
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Featured Author

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    Stephan Bisser

    Stephan Bisser is a technical lead at Solvion and a Microsoft MVP for artificial intelligence based in Austria. In his current role, he focuses on conversational AI, Microsoft 365, and Azure. He is passionate about the conversational AI platform and the entire Microsoft Bot Framework and Azure Cognitive Services ecosystem. Stephan and several other MVPs founded the Bot Builder Community, which is a community initiative helping Bot Framework developers with code samples and extensions. Together with Thomy Gölles, Rick Van Rousselt, and Albert-Jan Schot, Stephan is hosting SelectedTech, where they publish webinars and videos on social media around SharePoint, Office365 and the Microsoft AI ecosystem. In addition, he blogs regularly and is a contributing author to Microsoft AI MVP Book.

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