Publishing with Apress

Get your voice out there in front of a truly global market, and cement your reputation in the topic you are passionate about. Writing a book can help you further your career and make a valuable contribution to the technical community.

The Apress editorial and production teams work hand-in-hand with all authors to ensure that their unique voices come through in each book. Apress is committed to supporting the growing programming and development communities by taking risks on publishing books on niche and nascent technologies.

What Technologies do we cover?

We publish books on a wide range of technologies, from big data solutions to Microsoft or Apple development to security to Linux administration to electronics and Raspberry Pi. Our books are for professional developers, business owners, beginners, improvers, and enthusiasts.

Don’t see your favorite topic on our site? Just ask! If it’s out there and people are using it, chances are we’d love to hear from you.

Becoming an Apress Author

Apress is looking for authors with both technical expertise and the ability to clearly explain complicated technical concepts. We want authors who are passionate, innovative, and original.

Apress doesn't work quite the same as more traditional computer book publishers do. For example, the first question many authors ask a potential publisher is “What topics are you looking for?” At Apress, we ask authors these questions instead:

  • What are you an expert on?
  • What do you have real-world experience in?
  • What are you passionate about?

Of course, your Apress editor will work with you to help ensure that your book is marketable and ultimately successful, but the first stage of that process has to be for us to hear about your ideas–not for you to hear about ours!

Author Testimonials

  • Thank you for your patience and diligence in guiding me through my first authoring engagement. It was a fulfilling and rewarding experience, thanks to the Apress team.

    Richard Hicks, Apress Author in Enterprise Software
  • Working with the Apress team is a real pleasure—everything is organized! All you have to worry about is writing.

    Fernando Doglio, Apress author in Programming
  • The Apress team knows their stuff but works fast, which is paramount in tech publishing. Apress propelled my career to the next level by helping me publish a few top sellers. Highly recommend!

    Azat Mardan, Apress Author in Web Development
  • As a first time author, I discovered that publishing a book is a lot more work than I realized. Thankfully, I had the Apress team to work with—without them it never would have happened.

    Josh Steimle, Apress Author in Business
  • I love to teach and share what I've learned about databases and how to manage them. Apress has been wonderful in helping me publish books that make a difference—to my students, my colleagues, and especially to the next generation coming after me.

    Darl Kuhn, Apress author in Databases