How to Submit Errata

If you would like to suggest ways to improve the code as presented in one of our books or if you find an error, then we encourage you to submit these as errata using the Errata Submission Form below.

All errata are shared with the corresponding author of the book. If the erratum concerns a correction to the code, we encourage the author to immediately make that correction in the source code that’s hosted on GitHub. Readers can also suggest code-changes directly on GitHub. Only the book’s author can confirm/approve these changes. You can learn more about how our GitHub page works on our Source Code page.

When there are a significant number of changes in the code, and/or when technological developments or new software releases call for it, we will publish a new edition of the book. In that new edition, errata and updates that have been approved by the author will be included. Please note that we don’t make changes to published books when not doing a new edition, but that the source code for our books is continuously updated.

Errata Submission Form

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